Explore the multitude of history, culture and landmarks on offer across East Clare in a fun and exciting way with the East Clare Challenger

Welcome to the East Clare Challenger, an event that showcases all that our magnificent region is about. Discover the region’s hidden gems by embarking on an adventure through history, heritage, culture and landscape. Unearth a welcome unlike any other as you meander your way through East Clare’s many quaint towns and villages. Enjoy an abundance of activities, festivals and culture as part of the East Clare Challenger.

The East Clare Challenger aims to promote sustainable tourism across the East Clare region. We hope to encourage visitors and locals alike to explore the multitude of history, culture and landmarks on offer across East Clare. We encourage people within the area to get out and explore for themselves in a manner that is respectful to the natural environment, historic surroundings and the inhabitants. 

So whether you are just passing through or perhaps have lived here your whole life, get out and uncover the magic of East Clare with the East Clare Challenger.

East Clare Challenger Month 3

East Clare Challenger Month 2

East Clare Challenger Month 1


East Clare Bear

Teddy Bear Picnic Spots

East Clare Fun


Submit photos of you completing some of the continuous East Clare Challenges to be in with the chance of winning some prizes. Prizes include; tote bags, beanies and Wilde Irish Chocolate's teddy bear chocolate lollipops.

Those submitting photos of their East Clare Bear completing some of the children's challenges will be in with the chance of winning their very own cuddly companion, as well as some delicious Wilde Irish Chocolate's teddy bear lollipops.

Download Your East Clare Bear

Meet the East Clare Bear — your friendly companion to help you keep discovering the magic of East Clare. Head on an adventure throughout the region with your very own East Clare Bear and unearth a wealth of activities and adventures. 


  1. Download your East Clare Bear.
  2. Print your East Clare Bear.
  3. Decorate and colour in your bear — you can be as creative as you want!
  4. Cut out your East Clare Bear with the help of a parent or guardian.
  5. Get some cardboard (a cereal box is great) and with the help of a parent or guardian use some glue to stick your bear to the cardboard.
  6. You may need to cut around the cardboard.

Teddy Bear Picnic Spots

Grab your East Clare Bear and head on a teddy bears’ picnic to one of our favourite picnic spots.

East Clare Fun

As you explore our magnificent region, keep your eyes peeled for information that will help you complete East Clare Trivia. Send us your answers to us via email (marketing@tourismeastclare.ie) and we will let you know if you are correct. If you answer all the questions correctly, you will be in with the chance of winning a prize!

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