Here lie the remains of a large ring fort which has long been identified as the ancient seat of Brian Ború, the most famous High King of Ireland.

Brian Ború's Fort or Beal Ború, as it is more commonly known, stands on a spur of land, which commands the point where the lake narrows into the River Shannon.

The remains of the ringfort can be explored today. Walk beneath the treetops and peer out over the River Shannon as Brian Ború would have done hundreds of years ago.

Brian Ború was the High King of Ireland from 1002AD until 1014AD. During this period, Killaloe became the capital of Ireland. Although Brian Ború and his army won the Battle of Clontarf in 1014AD, Ború was killed by the Norsemen while praying in his tent.

The High King's headquarters was located at the nearby Kincora or Ceann Coradh, which is located one mile from here in the picturesque village of Killaloe.

Visitors are welcome at this historic site, and it is accessible by embarking on a short stroll down to the ring fort.

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