Colourful crochet creations appeared across parts of East Clare in recent weeks. This is the second such "yarn bombing" wave to occur in the region which was coordinated by a secret group of crocheters.

Landmarks and electricity poles in Whitegate and Mountshannon were decorated with the designs in the middle of the night. Speculation as to who is behind the displays has continued to mount.

Credit: thewhitegateyarnbombers

The mystery began during the first national lockdown when the first wave of yarn bombing occurred in Whitegate. At the time, it brought enjoyment and a boost to those who witnessed the works of crochet.

On October 19th a post appeared on their Instagram page, @thewhitegateyarnbombers, with the announcement that the yarn bombing creations would continue.

"Here we go, lockdown again. But just like it was in March our sentiment is still the same," the post said.

Credit: thewhitegateyarnbombers

Since then, numerous pieces of crochet have appeared across Whitegate and Mountshannon. The Mountshannon Leaf Stag statue is among the latest victims to the yarn bombing, as it now wears a crocheted scarf and matching blanket.

"The reason we yarn bomb is to bring a smile to people's faces in lockdown when they see something they're not expecting," a member of the group said.

The "Secret Society of Crazy Crafty Crocheters" as they call themselves, act in the dead of night, so to avoid being noticed by passersby.

"We have nearly been caught a few times. We've had to jump over walls and hide in fields at all hours of the night — often in the rain," they said.

Credit: thewhitegateyarnbombers

According to the secret society barking dogs are one of the biggest problems they have faced in maintaining secrecy.

"We hadn't planned to be a secret from the beginning, but as time went on people seemed to get more of a kick out of the mystery, so time will tell if we ever reveal ourselves," they said.

While the crocheters' identities remain unknown, their presence has brought smiles to people across the region.

Credit: thewhitegateyarnbombers
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