As our hemisphere begins to take a shift away from the daylight of late summer’s passing, we begin to look inside ourselves for the light that will carry us through the winter.
Friday 17th, Mountshannon Arts hopes to illuminate Culture Night and illuminate our community with a brilliant lantern parade.
As we emerge from a challenging time for everyone, where we have been unable to meet and socialise and celebrate as much as we would have liked, this is a chance to come together again as a community, and to bring our lights to symbolise our hopes for brighter times ahead.
We are lucky to have local artist Gerardine Wisdom working with us, and she will be showing the children of Lakyle and Iniscealtra schools how to create lanterns from willow and tissue paper. We invite the children to join us with their families on a walk through the village, and down to the harbour, where we will shine our lights across the lake, sending some out into the water, and others into the night sky.
We invite you to create lanterns at home and bring them along on the night. We will have links to videos showing how to make your lantern [it’s fairly simple], and kits containing the bulk of the materials will be available for collection free of charge from local businesses.
There are many reasons to create, follow, carry or wish for light… Whatever your reason is, come along and share your light with the community on Culture Night, and help create a brighter world.

place Mountshannon

date_range 17th September, 2021 08:00 PM



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