Discover the beauty and magic of East Clare by embarking on this month's East Clare Challenger.

This month's East Clare Challenger takes you on a beautiful journey through history to Bohatch Dolmen. Located just north of the picturesque village of Mountshannon, this dolmen is undoubtedly one of East Clare's hidden gems.

We start the challenger off with this magnificent heritage site that is over 4,000 years old. The site is believed to be the burial site of a local chieftain who was of great importance. There are also a number of other archaeological monuments in the surrounding area that are also of great historical interest. These sites include a standing stone and two cist graves.

Bohatch Dolmen stands in an impressive location, offering monumental views of the surrounding area. Enjoy views across East Clare and of Lough Derg while soaking in the peace and serenity that this historical place brings. Sometimes you may even be lucky enough to spot herds of wild deer in the vicinity.

The Challenge — get invovled

We want everyone to get out and get involved in the East Clare Challenger, whether you consider yourself a local or not! No doubt, there are countless nooks and crannies across the region that you have yet to discover! Remember to use the hashtag #EastClareChallenger if posting on social media to enter your photos and to be in the chance of winning a prize.

Adults — get exploring

Walk to Bohatch Dolmen

Head on a fun adventure to Bohatch Dolmen to enjoy some of the most magnificent views. We suggest starting in Mountshannon and then following the map in our interactive East Clare Challenger document to Bohatch Dolmen. You can also access the map on your phone through the Strava app. This is a 14km hike, so be sure to bring some snacks and water with you.

Be aware of farm and wild animals and always adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace. We hope everyone will leave the environment the way that they found it and that this historical site can be preserved for many years to come.

Once at Bohatch, snap a selfie and post it on social media using #EastClareChallenger or send it to us via

For an extra entry into the draw of winning some prizes, can you find the standing stone or one of the cist graves that are located nearby? Take a photo of these historical sites.

Children — fun for all ages

Build your own Dolmen

Test your skills with stones and try to balance three stones to form your very own dolmen!

As part of the first East Clare Challenger, can you build a small dolmen using stones found nearby?
Test your balancing skills by building a dolmen!
  1. Pick three stones from your garden or local area. One stone should should be large and flat. The other two should be small.
  2. On a flat surface like a table or floor, try use the large stone to act as a roof that sits on the other two.
  3. This may take a few tries!
  4. Take a photo of your dolmen.
  5. Get your parents or guardians to send us the photo to

Bring your East Clare Bear to the maze in Aistear Park, Mountshannon

The East Clare Bear is the perfect companion for those completing the East Clare Challenger.
The East Clare Bear is the perfect adventure buddy while exploring East Clare.

Can you and your very own East Clare Bear find your way to the centre of the maze in Aistear Park? Take a photo of your bear exploring the maze!

Be sure to send your photos to to be in the chance of winning your very own East Clare Bear.

If you haven't already downloaded your East Clare Bear, you can do so here.

Colour in your Bohatch Dolmen

Download and print the Bohatch Dolmen colouring page and use your imagination to colour it in. You can use markers, paint, colouring pencils, glitter and anything else you want!

Aim of the East Clare Challenger

The East Clare Challenger aims to promote sustainable tourism across the East Clare region. Visit East Clare hopes to encourage visitors and locals alike to explore the multitude of history, culture, activities and landmarks on offer across East Clare. In addition, the East Clare Challenger encourages people within the area to get out and explore for themselves in a manner that is respectful to the natural environment, historic surroundings and the inhabitants. 

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