Derg Isle Adventure Centre is unique in both its approach and its wonderful location.  We look at the great outdoors as an essential part of every day life, where we can live an experience that is digital device free and truly enriches the soul.  Time together as a unit, family, or group is becoming ever rarer, we have never spent some much time together and been so alone.  Digital distractions are all around us.  Time spent at Derg Isle is just the opposite.  We like to think that our guests leave just a little bit richer in those important areas.  Embracing the wonderful natural world that surrounds our unique property.  We have experiences that appeal to young, old and anywhere in the middle.

You'll be delighted to know that you can now book an adventure at Derg Isle online for you and your family or friends.
Derg Isle is a great spot for Family Fun Days, School Tours, Team Building sessions for sports teams and companies, Fishing and Boat Rentals.
The guys at Derg Isle are also now running Camp Digital Detox and Ireland's Toughest Family on site.

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