Against all odds, a letter found its way to its owner in East Clare 

The unsung heroes over the last number of months have been the postal staff. They have continued to deliver letters and packages across the length and breadth of the country. 

However, we feel that one post office, in particular, deserves a massive pat on the back. The post office in Feakle has gone above and beyond with ensuring that every item finds its rightful home.

At the start of January, a strangely addressed letter arrived in the post office. 

Credit: Twitter @sQueezeboxkelly

The address on the letter reads: 

That lad who studied commerce in NUIG who used to be in TradSoc, played in the Crane on Tuesdays, lives in Dublin now for the past few years, see him on Facebook a lot with dinosaur costume,

Tulla... or perhaps Feakle?

Anyhow, just get this to East Clare, and they will know who I am on about,


The incredible staff at Feakle Post Office managed to narrow down the culprits as to who this letter belonged to. Staff at the post office attached a note reading: 

Gearoid, This was given to me in Tulla by the postman saying I might know who it's for. I'm guessing it's for you...

Speaking to Visit East Clare, Gearoid Kelly, the recipient of the letter, gave some insight about the tradition. 

"I think its been ongoing for the past five years now where we send it [vaguely addressed Christmas cards] to one another," said Gearoid. 

The Christmas card made its way from his friend Anthony in Australia. 

Gearoid has also attempted to send a vaguely addressed letter to Anthony in previous years, but "they don't go to the same effort". Hopefully this year it will be slightly different, although this year's letter to Anthony is still outstanding. 

Although Gearoid is currently living in Dublin, the guys at Feakle Post Office continue to look out for these vaguely addressed letters. 

"Sometimes they [his family] get a phone call from the Feakle Post Office to see if I'm the recipient of said letter".

Gearoid shared with us the collection of vaguely addressed letters that were sent in the past. These 'addresses' are a testament to the incredible work and humour by those in the Feakle Post Office. 

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